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Now more than ever our gardens are becoming more and more important places. Our own personal sanctuaries, vital for both our physical and mental well being. Over the coming weeks and months we hope to post information that you will find fun, interesting and informative to help you achieve the garden you have always wanted. Whether you are new to gardening or just want to improve your gardening skills we hope to inspire you and get you growing with confidence.

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‘Gnomes from home’ blog

with Norman and Gerald

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Coping with the winter casualties – Gardening jobs for March

WELL what a dreadful start to spring, cold and grey and now back to the sub zero temperatures that have done so much damage over the winter months. The number one gardening job this month is to assess what plants have been hit the worst, see what damage has been done and decide what we…

Hello crocus, my old friend (its good to be with you again)

Here we are at the start of March and according to the calendar Spring has sprung but looking out of the window here at the moment, you’d be forgiven for thinking oh no it hasn’t! It’s grey, it’s cold and there’s an arctic blast on the way. Thankfully, I’ve got my own little rays of…

Gardening Jobs for August

Well, August already, where does the time go. For some, August can be a bit depressing as autumn is on the way and all those darker evenings aren’t far behind. Combine harvesters come out, herbaceous perennials are starting to die back and leaves are starting to loose their lovely verdant green colour. But don’t despair,…

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Spring has sprung!

Lots to do in the garden to keep us busy

A little bit of inspiration from some of our gardens, including a few pics of our Chelsea gardens:

Mar 2023