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In these challenging times, now more so than ever our gardens are becoming more and more important places. Our own personal sanctuaries, vital for both our physical and mental well being. Over the coming weeks and months we hope to post information that you will find fun, interesting and informative to help you achieve the garden you have always wanted. Whether you are new to gardening or just want to improve your gardening skills we hope to inspire you and get you growing with confidence. Stay safe and enjoy your garden!


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Gardening Jobs for May

After one of the coldest Aprils ever and far too many late frosts we are so excited to be moving into May and leaving April and these Arctic temperatures behind. MARVELLOUS, marvellous May. It’s our favourite month in the garden and this year it has become more and more important because from May 17th lockdownContinue reading “Gardening Jobs for May”

Gardening Jobs for April

With everything going on in the country at the moment it is good to focus on a few positives for our own mental wellbeing. Take a look outside your window, spring has finally arrived. The daffodils are still looking glorious, the tulips are starting to flower, the leaves are starting to appear on the hawthornsContinue reading “Gardening Jobs for April”

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Spring has sprung!

Lots to do in the garden to keep us busy

A little bit of inspiration from some of our gardens, including a few pics of our Chelsea gardens:

May 2021