Choosing and Caring for your Christmas Tree

One of our favourite horticultural jobs at this time of year must be choosing our Christmas tree. Christmas trees have been around since medieval times in parts of Europe, especially in Germany, but they weren’t introduced into the UK until the early 1800s by Queen Charlotte of Mecklenberg-Streilz, the wife of King George III andContinue reading “Choosing and Caring for your Christmas Tree”

Gardening Jobs for October

Thanks to a nice bit of high pressure over our part of the country, the start of October looks like it’s going to remain dry and sunny, at least for the moment. Cool nights and sunny, blue-sky days are great conditions for showing off the autumnal leaf colours at their best. There’s still lots ofContinue reading “Gardening Jobs for October”

Gardening Jobs for August

Well, August already, where does the time go. We always find August a bit depressing as autumn is on the way and all those darker evenings aren’t far behind. Combine harvesters come out, herbaceous perennials are starting to die back and leaves are starting to loose their lovely verdant green colour. But don’t despair weContinue reading “Gardening Jobs for August”

Gardening Jobs for June 2021

Back in the garden, the recent hot weather has certainly stimulated the plants into rapid growth and if it keeps up the top job this month has got to be watering, watering and oh yes watering. Here’s a few other jobs to think about: Pull up your dead daffodil, tulip and bluebell foliage now thatContinue reading “Gardening Jobs for June 2021”