Gardening Jobs for August 2021

Well, August already, where does the time go. For some, August can be a bit depressing as autumn is on the way and all those darker evenings aren’t far behind. Combine harvesters come out, herbaceous perennials are starting to die back and leaves are starting to loose their lovely verdant green colour. But don’t despair,Continue reading “Gardening Jobs for August 2021”

Gardening Jobs for July 2021

WELL this certainly has been a month of two halves (excuse the football metaphor, it’s the Euro football final tonight so a I’m a bit pre-occupied), lots of rain but also quite decent temperatures so perfect growing conditions. Our gardens are starting to look lush and at their very best with lots of colour andContinue reading “Gardening Jobs for July 2021”

Chelsea Chat – ‘Paws’ for thought

Here we are at the start of June and deep into our planning for our Artisan Garden to celebrate 90 years of the Guide Dogs for the Blind Association. We absolutely love creating these sorts of gardens, wild at heart, packed full of plants and packed full of emotion and nostalgia. With a nod toContinue reading “Chelsea Chat – ‘Paws’ for thought”

Gardening Jobs for April

With everything going on in the country at the moment it is good to focus on a few positives for our own mental wellbeing. Take a look outside your window, spring has finally arrived. The daffodils are still looking glorious, the tulips are starting to flower, the leaves are starting to appear on the hawthornsContinue reading “Gardening Jobs for April”

Chelsea Chat – Wild at heart

Welcome to our first blog about taking part in the world’s most prestigious gardening Show, the landscape Olympics, otherwise known as the RHS Chelsea Flower Show. We have had the privilege of creating six gardens at Chelsea (three of which won the BBC People’s Choice Award), all with strong messages and all using British nativeContinue reading “Chelsea Chat – Wild at heart”

Wintery Wonders – Lose the January Blues

Here we are in the middle of January, Christmas has come and gone, temperatures have dropped and once again we are stuck at home. Take heart! There are plenty of positives to help us feel hopeful in the garden. The evenings are slowly drawing out again, we can almost work until 4.30pm outside before itContinue reading “Wintery Wonders – Lose the January Blues”