Houseplant heaven

Having plants in your house is a total must. Not only is it great to have some pretty greenery around, it is also so important for your mental well-being to have something, living and growing around you. Some houseplants even help to purify the air that we breathe. If you find yourself working from homeContinue reading “Houseplant heaven”

Growing vegetables in containers

In these challenging and changing times more and more people are thinking about growing their own. Not everybody has a big garden, allotment or room to grow vegetables in the ground so we’ve put together a few tips on how to start growing vegetables in containers where space is limited. Our favourites are tomatoes, potatoesContinue reading “Growing vegetables in containers”

Essential tips for designing your dream garden

If you’re always wanted to have a go at re-doing your garden but never had the confidence, then here are few quick tips to getting you thinking in the right direction. Just take a moment to plan it and maybe do a bit at a time. There are a few basic rules but really don’tContinue reading “Essential tips for designing your dream garden”